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Henrik Plumbing Inc. is a family owned and operated re-piping/plumbing contractor company serving Southern California. We specialize in repiping residential, commercial and industrial builings. We are experienced Repiping Experts fully Insured and Licensed CSLB C-36 Plumbing # 741020

Our clean cut, courteous, experienced and trained crews will complete your repiping job on time, properly sized and to code. 

Call us for a free plumbing site survey    888-443-6745. In Los Angeles 323-258-5858

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Residential & Commercial 

Henrik Plumbing Inc. is experienced and capable of re-piping any type of plumbing system. We are experienced in residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Some of our commercial projects include;

Six Flags 

Arcadia Unified School District

Los Angeles Unified School District 

​Los Angeles Valley College 

Bethel Church

First Baptist

Temple City Convalescent Hospital 

Sunset Terrace Apts - 130 units 

Surfside HOA - 264 units 

Avalon Bay Communities - 500+ units

CSR Apartments - Multiple Projects

RF Properties - Multiple Projects



Henrik is an experienced master plumber and has been re-piping since 1985.

Henrik Plumbing became Henrik Plumbing Inc. in 1997, and does re-piping for all types of plumbing systems, we re-pipe water supply systems, sewer/drain systems and gas supply systems, residential and commercial systems.

Plumbing Site Survey

Experienced Plumbers

Dear Henrik,

I feel so lucky to have found the ad on the internet. I was so tired of plumbers giving me sales pitches filled with mis leading statements. Henrik's man, Willy, came out with an honest straight forward, informative presentation. I was holding my breath to hear the price of the quote. I was so excited! Not only did Henriks do more, the cost is less! They exceeded our expectations. Our job was completed in one day by five wonderful plumbers. The patching is being completed as I write this. It is excellent workmanship. I cannot even express how pleasured I am with the quality of work and the professionalism of this company. It is wonderful to be treated to the best for a fair price.

Tomas and Elizabeth Christenson 
 Willard Ave,
Lake Forest, CA 92630
february 2014



REPIPING EXPERTS  888- 443-6745




Henrik Plumbing Inc. is the Right Choice.  California CSLB #741020

We have had the same address and phone number for over 18 years. Our License Number and Name match on our contracts.

We have reference letters going back over 14 years on file, our customers like us, and the plumbing/building inspectors respect our work.

We are not "traveling contractors", moving state to state, nor a recent upstart, nor a marketing company pretending to be a real contractor. 

We have built good will in the community, we work from a real office, with a real shop, at a real established address location.

We honor all of our warranties, we have never closed our doors, ran away or moved out of state, changed our name, or hide our location.

Warranties are only as good as the plumbing/re-piping company that offers the warranty. Many companies are not established, nor have reference letters over ten years old. Yes there are many "traveling contractors" out there pretending to being established Repiping Experts.

Henrik Plumbing Inc. is family owned and operated business, we work as a team, we are not a "one man" operation. 

We have team members with over 30 years of experience with all types of plumbing. 

We have experience with residential, commercial and industrial re-pipe projects.

We have the know-how and man power to take on the biggest projects, including apartment complexes theme parks, motels, churches...... 

We welcome and encourage customers to visit us at our shop/office location, come visit us, see for yourself that we are  real and proven.

We believe that the most important part about re-piping is the company that does the installation and the parts installed, we use the best.

We want to be your re-piping experts, Henrik Plumbing Inc. has several websites that can help you understand re-piping and plumbing.

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